CDC case #26 - christmas with a lowercase c

It's right around the corner, after all. Everyone's favorite topic - upper and lowercase letters. Blank black disk this time, was honestly expecting it to be empty.

Instead it had three files on it:

The first one seems like an article taken out of a college resource system - a cliffnotes about Acapulco, from an Oberlin College scholar.

The second file, Christmas 1 9 01.wpd was the meat and potatoes of this disk. A truly off-the-rails assesment of the holiday season, as reported by an (assumed) eighth-grader, based on previous disk contents.

Remember kids, only give because you get something out of it. That's the Catholic way. The remaining file is some homework answer sheet, but we don't have the original questions.

Nothing says rent control like giant blue boxes.

Highlight video here:

And remember - keep those parts floppy