CDC case #21 - Toe Pics

I don't have anything clever to follow up the post title with, so let's get straight to the disk:

It should be noted this disk almost broke my disk drive - that's why it doesn't have a shutter on it. Getting into it, there's two files: 17.3 the nucleus.ppt and Journal 2 9 11 00.wpd.

The first is a long and poorly made science class slideshow using every shade of pink possible. It goes on for 37 slides.

It appears to be notes copied directly from a book or study material. The second file is a melodramatic retelling of someone's school years (we believe to be the sibling of the author of the first file). It's pretty over the top and self-aggrandizing for being a reflective of finishing middle school.

Ahh, you sweet summer child. Wait until this time the following year.

Highlight video here:

And remember - keep those parts floppy