CDC case #20 - Gatsby Stuff

Who doesn't love The Great Gatsby? Classic American novel about... something. I never read it. And the following disk makes me think this person never has either.

F Scott Fitzgerald evidently went through a few title revisions before landing on his final choice, if the disk label is anything to go by. Though it would have been better if he just named it gatsby stuff.wpd like the first file on this disk.

Someone's homework. While initially thought to be someone's essay, the formatting and spacing seems more like someone copied it off a proto-Wikipedia and saved it locally. (It's so weird to think of Wikipedia and floppy disks existing at the same time.)

It goes on for six pages and is otherwise not formatted as an essay. The next two files, new york.doc and new yor1.doc are the same - some AP news article about Jupiter and northern lights. Nothing too exciting.

The final file, Paul Wagner.doc is an absolute MESS of an essay. Riddled with grammar spelling issues, this is a single paragraph for a Global Studies II class. Hopefully this isn't what the kid turned in:

Ahh yes, the famous final line to Gatsby: The Mayan tradition of sacrificing ons blood was their way of pleasing the gods and keeping their favor.

Higlight video here:

And remember - keep those parts floppy