CDC case #18 - Four icons one file

This was actually the first disk we got to load on the iMac G3 system (with after-market floppy drive). Because it was a tray-loading iMac, it did not have a video out on the back, so video was captured through a camera pointed at the screen. Sometimes you have to get fancy. The disk itself has a handwritten label New Editor Icons 1-16-96

The disk contained two files: some sort of personal money financial document that wouldn't open because it was a propietary format, and an image file. The image ended up containing some sort of rendering of four icons for...something. The context from the name and contents were not immediately helpful.

Could have I gotten a better quality copy of the image file than a screen grab of a CRT monitor? Probably. But they can't all be winners.

Highlight video here:

And remember - keep those parts floppy