What is this?

What parts?

Why are they floppy?

  The gist of this project is to sift through and archive the contents of old, forgotten floppy disks. Using a USB floppy disk and a handful of VM builds and side-systems, access to abandoned data is once again available.

  The catalyst for this occurred in spring of 2020, after about 75 days of lockdown. I (codinginquarantine) was gearing up to jazz up my brand new Twitch streaming channel. To go along with the theme of my channel (retro games and game dev) I found a cheap eBay auction for about 20 old floppy disks. The intent was to use these as art props for the stream's visuals, and then they sat around for over two years. The intriguing titles stuck with me in the meantime, leaving me always curious on what they contained. Prodded on by needing a USB floppy disk for another tech project, we now have access to these disks (and an endless supply available through used disk sales and auctions).

  The actual act of doing the data digging is couched in the framework of streaming: Coding's Disk Check (CDC). Twitch streams under the CDC header involve a random disk pulled from the pile, popped into the drive, and opened live on stream. Before each stream, all we have to go on is the external label, but those can be deceiving (or missing). There are some safety features in place, such as source blur for image files, and VM/side load systems to keep from unleashing viruses. But it's a journey that I as a streamer embark on alongside the viewer, and all that data is captured and archived here for long term storage, just like these disks have been in for years. Welcome aboard, and I hope you enjoy the ride.